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      Camping Peros is located in the village Zaton near the towns of Nin and Zadar. It is ideal destination for those who want to enjoy natural beauty, mediterranean climate, country life, rich history, and stress-relieving benefits of spending time in nature.


    Zaton dates back to the 17th century when the parish church, dedicated to the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary was built. Simbol of Zaton is St. Nicolas church from the end of the 11th century. The Tower of Kaštelina from the 16th century was built by the Venetians in order to defend Nin from the Turks. In front of the headland Kremenjača there are the remains of the ancient port where the ships called Serilie Liburnice from the 1st century were found. Partial reconstructions are kept in the Museum of Nin Antiquities. Near to the ancient port there are the remains of the Church of St. Andrew from the 16th century. In the old part of the village Dalmatian style architecture can be seen (17th - 20th century).

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     Nin is situated 1.5km from Zaton within 15 minutes walking distance. It is the oldest Croatian royal town, with the smallest cathedral in the world. Nin is the European Destination of Excellence (EDEN). It is well known for its medicinal mud and there is a saltwork with a thousand years old tradition.

       Church of Holy Cross

   The church of Holy Cross in Nin is the smalles cathedral in the world. Among the most valuable and preserved monuments of Old Christian architecture is the unique architecture style of the church of the Holy Cross. It dates from the Early Christian period of the Croats, from the 9th cent. 
    The church is the only sacral structure in Nin that has remained untouched since its construction. It is popularly called "the smallest cathedral in the world" .The position and beauty of the church dominate the area. During the period of the Croatian rulers, it was the court chapel of the prince's court that was situated nearby. The church was built on the remains of ancient houses (1st - 6th cent.) that are visible even today, and around the church many medieval graves have been discovered. 
The church itself is a type of calendar and with the sun rays entering the church one can determine the exact date of the equinox and solstice. 


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Zadar is situated 12 kilometers from Zaton and it is the center of Zadar region. It is a city monument, surrounded by historical ramparts, a treasury of the archaeological and monumental riches of ancient and medieval times, Renaissance and many contemporary architectural achievements such as the first sea organs in the world.

Sea Organ

The Sea Organ is situated near the new cruiser port, within the Zadar waterfront. This is a place where human ideas and skills are joined with the energy of the sea, waves, high and low tide, a place of relax, thinking and conversation accompanied by the continual concert of the mystical tones of the "Orchestra of Nature".

Sea Organ zadar / Camping Peros Zaton

Greeting to the Sun

The Greeting to the Sun installation, as a model of the solar system and its appertaining planets, is connected to the Sea Organ whose sound is transposed into a show of light that starts performing on the Zadar waterfront after sunset. In creating the light effects, the installation will be able to receive other outer and spontaneous impulses through modem connection, while the pictures created by the light will adapt to different occasions.

Greeting to the Sun zadar / Camping Peros Zaton


Kalelarga or Široka ulica (Large Street) the main and most famous street in Zadar is said to be older than the city itself, extending in the east-west direction from Narodni trg (People's Square) to the Forum.

Kalelarga zadar / Camping Peros Zaton

Church of St. Donatus

Church of St. Donatus initially was dedicated to the Holy Trinity, but in the 15th century it started bearing today's name after the Zadar bishop Donatus who started the building of the church. According to its unusual cylindrical shape and the double inner space, it stands out with its uniqueness of construction technique without direct models. The church has not been used for sacral function in a long time. It has extraordinary acoustic characteristics and "The Musical Evening of St. Donatus", concerts of Medieval and Renaissance music, have been taking place here for 50 years.

Church of St. Donatus zadar / Camping Peros Zaton

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